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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Chanda Hahn is a New York Times and USA TODAY Fairest (An Unfortunate Fairy Tale Book 2) by [Hahn, Chanda]. Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,Who is the Fairest of them all?In the sequel to UnEnchanted, Mina Grime discovers that all is not fair when it comes to the Fae and their. Start by marking “Fairest (An Unfortunate Fairy Tale, #2)” as Want to Read: Barely surviving the Story’s first fairy tale quest, Mina still has hundreds to go before she can end the curse on her family. In her sequel to UnEnchanted, she created a world full of thrilling moments.

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Fairest Unenchanted Book 2

Fairest book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,Who is the Fairest of them all?In the seq. If you're writing a Fairest (An Unfortunate Fairy Tale Book 2) essay and need some advice, post your Chanda Hahn essay question on our Facebook page. Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, Who is the Fairest of them all? In the sequel to UnEnchanted, Mina Grime discovers that all is not fair when it comes to the Fae and.

But she successfully hooked me and I just had to read the next one. Unfortunately, the third one which is still untitled is not scheduled for release until Spring , so I have a while to wait now. As per usual, the following will contain all the spoilers! We begin with Mina once again being thrown into a tale. This time it is Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Over the interim between the two books, we are told that Mina has become more comfortable with the Grimoire and has successfully finished 3 more smaller quests. She also finishes off the 3 bears with relative ease and traps them within the pages of the book. Back at school, Mina is still devastated about the loss of her relationship with Brody and still remains stand-offish towards Jared who is rarely nice to her. One day after school, Jared tells her that they need to talk. While in the car, Mina finally tells him how she feels. During the ride, she falls asleep and when she wakes up she realizes that she has gone way past her stop.

It was the final few pages that did for me. The Sequel to Black Butterfly Volume 2: A bittersweet tale that you will hate to love and love to hate, similar to the original collection of Grimm Fairy Tales.

Fairest (An Unfortunate Fairy Tale Book 2)

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Fairest by Chanda Hahn (2012, Paperback)

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Fairest (An Unfortunate Fairy Tale Book 2) – Chanda Hahn

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Sunshine, our girl is going to be our little Sunshine. What if it's a boy? Then we'll name him Moonlight. All the while, people are mysteriously disappearing, including Jared, whom Mina must finally determine to be friend or foe. And with the loss of her greatest weapon, Mina must try to outwit a deadly hunter.

Can Mina survive the most difficult quest yet while protecting those she loves from falling victim to one of the lethal tales of all? Or will she become a pawn when she strikes a bargain with the Queen of Fae?

Chanda Hahn Books - BookBub

Book Review: You have to always be on alert, especially when you never know what part you end playing. This books holds itself up to the standards that were set by the first book in the series and I certainly hope that the next book does quite the same.

The characters were lovable all over again. I felt pain for Mina over the loss of love, felt her anger and jealously as she realized love was being taken away from her yet again, and relief over saving those she loved. Our two leading men were just as deliciously lovely as ever, as well as the two leading ladies being as lovable as ever no matter how sassy they got with one another.

There was some lovely action, getting lost in the woods and the grim reaper himself!

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